Warcraft is bigger than my country

Turns out that there are roughly the same amount of people playing Warcraft as there are living in Scotland. I read a story today on Games radar that World of Warcraft now has it’s five millionth player, which is roughly the population of Scotland.
warcraft orc I don’t play WoW but it seems an incredible feat that five million people can commit to exist in a virtual world. We’re told that the economies in some virtual worlds are more more advanced and worth more than many developing third world countries. The thing that interests me is how people from all over the world, of either sex, any creed or religion, can come to together and play without barriers.

Why don’t I play WoW. Well, to be honest I would like to but I know that I would have to get really into it to enjoy it. That means time and I tend to use my time in plenty of other pursuits; heading to the cinema, going to gigs, listening to music and podcasts, reading books and comics. I would argue that I need to go to work, but since I just got made redundant I’ll need to save that for a later date.

The other thing is, my fiancee is a committed WoW player, and my brother is pretty big into it as well. I don’t mind really, apart from the fact that she’s using my PC to play it on. Thankfully she has a laptop which I can use to write this and do yer basic browsing and stuff. She also has Mircosoft Office installed which is handy too. But don’t you worry, once I get a new graphics card at the start of next year it’ll be hour long F.E.A.R. sessions and no one can stop me. Bwah hah hah hah!

Maybe. My Radeon 9800 isn’t up to the task for most games. But thankfully I’m getting a nice juicy redundancy cheque through soon, and as well as a new top end graphics card I’m gonna get myself another gig of RAM and a Creative X-Fi soundcard. Very nice.


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