Trying to get through.

It’s been a bit of a strange start to 2006. After the fun of New Year, I had to get back to the idea of not having a job. I was made redundant in the middle of December, which I wasn’t surprised about. Surprised I lasted that long. Now if you think I’ve been up to naughty things like stealing from the till or up to anything with the bosses secreatary. No, my job had been gradually phased out when the business I worked for was bought over. More and more people were bought in to do my job, which was pretty vaguely defined; I kinda did everything that needed done at the time. I was probably trained in about at least a half dozen things, but it wasn’t like I had a specific job that I went in and did 9-5 everyday.

So anyway it got to the point where the bosses decided that I wasn’t really worth paying a lot of money to do things they were bringing in staff to do anyway. So I had a meeting with one of the head guys and was told that I had a meeting in a couple of days to discuss “possible redundancy”, which is a nice way of saying definate redundancy. I didn’t mind because I had been planning to hand in my notice about the third week of January.

The reason for that is that I’ve decided to move to Australia with Anna in April when her work visa runs out. Now I had to give 13 weeks notice into my work if I decided to leave, and they had to give me thirteen weeks notice if they wanted to get rid of me. When I went into the meeting I thought I was gonna have to fight my case to get my money; in fact I got more than I thought. I got my 13 weeks pay, the rest of my years holiday pay which was 3 and a half weeks and I got told I could leave whenever I wanted and get my expenses paid up front. To say I was happy was an understatement. After signing some legal stuff saying I wouldn’t sue them for anything, I was off to enjoy Christmas and New year.

Now the thing is, even though I’ve been paid enough to see me be financially secure over the next few months, it would be good to get a new job even part time. The thing is, now it’s after Christmas, not many people are hiring. I could get a simple part time job in a shop or something, but I’m worried I’d hand them a CD and they’d think I was overqualified and only doing the job to get some quick cash before leaving after a couple of months. Which is exactly what I’m gonna do. Oh well, it’s lead to basically slob about the flat, which is fine for a while but I do need to do something. I spend most of my time now getting up in the afternoon, usually about 1pm when my brother comes home for lunch. Either that or I rouse myself early, browse the web and maybe go out and spend a little cash on some new CDs. All fine and good but it can’t last.


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