Trouble at sea

The QM2

Well right now, my mum and dad are on the QM2 just passing the equator. If you didn’t know, the QM2 has had a bit of engine trouble after it hit a sandbank at Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What happened was that a propeller was damaged meaning the ship isn’t travelling full speed. Fair enough you’d think, but what’s taking place is causing a bit of anger: the ship departed Florida without the company telling the passengers that they were heading straight for Rio De Janerio without any stops on the way which was in the schedule. This means the passengers have 12 days at sea, with no stops in the Caribibean as was planned, and this is really ticking people off.

My mum’s managed to shoot me off an e-mail because they can’t use their mobile phones in the middle of the sea. She says there’s quite a few angry customers who are planning a sit in protest later on in the trip. The cruise is meant to stop in Santiago in Chile, but my mum and dad are saying they want to come home if they get the chance to get off at Rio. Otherwise it’s another 12 days at sea. Apparently the ship’s news channels are blanked out whenever there’s a mention of what’s happening.

Oh well, what do you expect with Captain Birdseye at the controls.

Captain of the QM2


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