Seems so long ago…

D’you remember a couple of years ago (well six really) all the fuss made about the millennium bug? It was quite worrying at the time, the fact that we were told that geeks had doomed the world by not realising that years should really have four digits (2006) rather than two (06). Planes were gonna fall from the sky, all computers would fail and all the nuclear weapons would go off. Scary stuff.

Thing is, when 2000 hit I was too drunk and cold to notice Armageddon, being in Glasgow city centre watching Roger Sanchez dj-ing. A few days beforehand I heard a story about a married couple who were both IT specialists. They were convinced that the Y2K bug was going to completely ruin society, so they did the most sensible thing possible. They moved all the way up to the north of Scotland, near where my Granny lives and stockplied roughly three weeks food, and waited for the inevitable apocalypse with smug smiles on their faces.

So anway, a few days ago I suddenly remembered this couple (and their two kids. Boy, I bet they had a laugh). I wondered what they were up to, and thanks to BBC News website (see the link on the side), I found out. It seems like the couple have split up. Sad really, but I remembered at the time I wanted to drive up to their house a couple of days after New Year and laugh at them. The couple are blaming the break up on the adverse publicity generated by their move. Serves them right I think. They also said the fact they went public helped raise the awareness of Y2K bug and deal with the problem.

Yeah right.


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