Going out in April?

Well I got a couple of suggestions if you fancy seeing some great live music in the month of February. If you’re wondering why I’m not talking about February first, well I didn’t realise there were some cool gigs until I wrote most of this, so there you go.

The Flaming LipsThe Magnificent Flaming Lips are going to be performing songs from their new album “At War With The Mystics” during April, and specifically in Edinburgh. They’ll be kicking off a short UK tour at the Usher Hall on the 19th of April, then moving onto the Albert Hall in London on the 22nd before finishing up in Birmingham and Manchester.

I had the good fortune to see the lips in action at the middle of 2002 just after they released their 11th full length album “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”. The show was really spectacular with massive glitter balls, people dressed in furry animal costumes, fake blood, glove puppets, smoke machines and fantastic songs. Honestly everyone was grinning from ear to ear as we left the Barrowlands.

Worth checking out, if you can’t make it to the gig, is the Flaming Lips documentary “The Fearless Freaks” which was realeased at the end of last year. It charts the Lips strange rise through the last 15 years of the band, charting lost members, bizzarre concepts and clips from their forthcoming move, “Christmas on Mars”.

If you fancy something different, then Buck 65 is playing in Scotland as part of the always-excellant Triptych festival. If you know nothing about Buck 65 aka Richard Terfry, then allow me to explain; he’s a white guy from rural Canada who makes a strange hybrid of hip hop and beat poetry. He started out hosting an influential hip-hop show college radio in Halifax, before stepping in fron of the mike. After signing a deal with a local indie label, he released a couple of albums, he was snapped up by WEA for his major label “Sqaure” in 2002, followed a year later by “Talkin’ Honky Blues” and in 2005 there was Secret House Against The World”

Buck 65 The best thing about Buck’s show is that it’s just him and a mike, his music on a mini disc and some decksfor some occasional scratching interludes. Sounds pretty basic, but the guy is a real entertainer. He has a dry line of banter with the crowd. Last time he was in Glasgow, a few months ago at King Tut’s, his decks kept breaking down. Most artists might pull the show, but he soldiered on cracking some good jokes at his own expense. On stage he’s fairly magnetic, often acting out the lyrics of the songs with his body, which should be fairly cheesy, but with his gruff delivery he carries it off.

Anyway he’s live in Scotland on April the 29th at Glasgow’s ABC2, and at the Bongo club in Edinburgh the day after.

Incidentally in Glasgow next week there’s three killer gigs on the same night; Kanye West at the SECC, Broken Social Scene at the Art School and the Go! Team at the Barrowlands all on Friday the 17th.


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