Belated Valentines wishes to you…

… all six of you. I had quite an enjoyable morning finding some lovely hand made boxes containing Valentine treats insides. At least that’s how it should have gone. What actually happened was my brother woke me at 1 in the afternoon and proceeded to hand me the boxes explaining that they’d been left around the flat.

“All these ones are addressed to you, but this one says “To a special guy”; is that me then?”

“Special needs probably”

Valentines boxes

Look great don’t they, I had to take off the ribbons and stuff, but you get the idea. They had some nice chocolates and some mini deoderant and shower gels and a handy mini-Absolut Mandarin vodka. I also got a really nice new black-suede wallet, to replace my rather scabby old wallet I’ve had about 10 years. I got Anna some nice tulips, chocolates and a love monkey. No really. I also cooked dinner and what’s even better I didn’t balls it up, like the Enchiladas I tried to cook the day after. Oh well, they were digestable at least.


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