A stopgap

Is It Me Or Is Everything Shit?Hooray, thankfully (in the last 5 minutes it seems) WordPress have gone back to a simple Rich Text editor for it’s writing posts page, instead of HTML. Now I can understand HTML, but I’m lazy. Which isn’t why I’ve not posted details of my London trip, it’s that I’m still recovering from all the exertion I expended whilst there.

So until I get my memory in order and I can accurately remember what I did on certain days, I’ll give you this: a rather funny, if somewhat obvious book on shit. Now I actually don’t like reading endless rants and people moaning about how crap everything is. So hopefully, this’ll be a rare post on this blog and in the future you can look forward to things that I actually like and enjoy, instead of aimless bitching.

So with that in mind, here’s some stuff from the book I found myself empathising with:

  • Shops that play Shit music at ear-splittingly loud volume.
  • Jimmy Carr
  • R&B Ballads
  • that Queen musical
  • Adult editions of Childrens books
  • Music Sponsorship (because Destiny’s Child look really slim and sexy by stuffing their faces with MacDonalds, right?)
  • Celebrity Magazines
  • Mac Junkies
  • Che Guevera Mechandise

and some of my own ones:

  • the new way of advertising Celebrity Magazines: if you don’t know what talentless fuckwit’s been dumped, then you are stupid.
  • Pete Doherty: cant’ play, can’t sing, can’t turn up for gigs.
  • Big Brother contestants: fame hungry scum, the lot of ’em.
  • Leaflets in magazines.
  • Fanboys: any kind really.

That was slightly cathartic. I might improve on the list later on.


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