A shameless plug.

In less than a month’s time I’m moving to Australia for good (less cheering at the back). Now this would render most of my DVD collection (and it’s pretty sizeable) useless. Thankfully Australia has a good attitude to Region encoded DVD players. Apparently, Region Free DVD players are plentiful and can be bought in most electronic shops. Hooray!

But even if it wasn’t, I’ve found the best bit of software ever: SlySoft AnyDVD. It’s absolutely great because it removes all the Region encoding from your DVD drive, which is great considering I’ve got a small collection of Region 1 only DVDs that I’m taking Down Under with me. The other bonus is the latest version can automatically skip to the main menu or the actual film itself. This means if you’re sick and tired of sitting through those obnoxious anti-piracy commercials, and trailers for films you don’t want to watch, then this feature is a God-send. It’s $40, so it’s about £20 and well worth it.

And I didn’t even get paid for that.


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