Good and bad.

Well I've got the PC up and running, although this morning it booted up and then restarted about 8 times before it decided to work. That's not good. This afternoon I'm going to install some software and see if I can at least make this PC stable before I go utterlydespondant. The other bummer is that ripping/importing into i-tunes, seems to make my wireless net connection fail. Which makes putting my music back onto the PC a bit of a chore to say the least. Until I get everything fixed, my updates are going to be short and irregular. 

But until them I'll leave you with this: Derren Brown crucifies Robbie Williams. It's like God was listening to my prayers after all.  


  1. Commisserations on the PC. Sucks. Any thoughts on the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album?

  2. Haven’t got it yet; I’m now tending to buy CDs every two weeks. I’m gonna get it next week along with the new Calexico, Hundred Reasons, Secret Machines and Flaming Lips album. I’m a splurger I know.

    But I’m getting my PC fixed today (hopefully), so I’ll be getting back online later today. I’m using my brother’s laptop whilst he’s at work.

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