Mish Mash of things.

I've kinda got a lot to fit in, so I'll get going. I'm not going to whinge about my PC too much (hopefully).

Bird flu has finally hit Scotland. Tonight's Evening Times has a headline that the bodies of two swans are going to be tested for H5N1, after being found dead in a Glasgow park. Fantastic, the flupocalypse is here. But mind you, much more rational people would say that this doesn't really mean much as the disease hasn't mutated into something that affects humans. Mind you, I'm gonna love going through customs in Australia in two weeks time:

"And where have you come from?"


"Ok sir, if you'd like to step into the isolation room, and we'll see you once the quarentine procedure is done."

Went to GAME today and traded in almost 30 X-box games. My X-box is fucked and I can't use these games over in Australia so we decided to trade them in. I went and got Elder Scrolls 4, the Godfather and Psychonaughts for the PC. Not that I'm even going to attempt to install them. The PC is working, but when I tried it at about 10am this morning, it did not want to respond. I wanna back some stuff up and then I'll  be happy if the fucking thing turns on, frankly.

I'm gonna back up as much music as I can onto my PC, update my i-pod with some new stuff and have done with it. Ok, I won't have all my music onboard, but I think I can live with that for a couple of months. I've already loaded a days worth, last night, so I should be ok. It's gonna give me a chance to listen to the new Secret Machine and Flaming Lips albums. Hopefully I'm gonna get the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Calexico albums next week.

Again, for anyone that didn't get my e-mail, I'm hoping to have a get together on Saturday the 15th. I'm looking to book a room at a bar in Glasgow this weekend for us all to meet. If you want to get more details e-mail me or phone me, but be warned: I'm cancelling my contract with O2 within the next few days so e-mail should be used if you're in any doubt.


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