Starting afresh.

Well, Anna and I have started packing up all our stuff. We've bought some massive cd wallets that hold over 200 CDs or DVDs. So yesterday Anna took all the DVDs out of the standard Amray cases and put them in the wallet. Thing is, the wallet is now still pretty heavy, but they take up less room in the boxes we've got. Today we packed away 400 of my CDs, but we're keeping the cover art and back covers so that I can buy some blank cases in bulk and fix them back up again. Anally retentive, I know.

After trading in my X-Box games yesterday, Stuart's decided to get in on the act and et rid of all our games. I'm also gonna flog my hi-fi and go back to my mum and dad's and see if I can trade in some of my old Dreamcast games. Anna and I are also gonna take some old clothes to some charity shops and just clear some space. It's actually quite theraputic getting rid of stuff, which is strange for a hoarder like me. It's also given me a chance to find out what CDs have gone missing, thanks to my brother mainly. He got his car broken into and lost about a dozen of my CDs. Twat.

Computer's working today, but it doesn't startup well. Plus the internet connection fails when I rip/import a CD into i-tunes still. So I usually have to stare at the screen until it's finished.

Will try and update over the weekend. Still need to load on my camera software. 


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