I hope they don’t balls this up

Will Smith to star in adaptation of "I Am Legend".

Well, this has apparently been on the go for a long time; I remembered reading the rumour that Arnie and Ridley Scott were meant to team up for this in the mid-90's. Now the leading role for the last man on earth is going to Big Willy TM.

Shit. I mean most of the first half of the novel has little or even no dialogue. So where's the Fresh Prince going to make some wise-cracks, or get in some product placement?

But, there are some good points. Director Francis Lawrence did a good job with Constantine, which I actually enjoyed despite having Keanu Reeves in it and the fact that Hellblazer (which the movie is based) isn't one of my favourite comics. And who knows, the film might actually be good. No there's a thought, how about I reserve my judgement until it gets made before slagging it off.

Or at least seeing the trailer.


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