Settling in.

Well today I got up close to midday, so it seems I'm back into the swing of things as it were. I've applied for a job at the local Canberra radio station, so I'm waiting to hear back from them soon hopefully. It does make me wonder though if I really want to be working for another radio station. It definately has it's good points, but there are also some real bad ones. It seems to be an industry built on brown nosing and back stabbing. There's only so many jobs and loads of people want them. But I suppose I'll find out what it's like over here. Maybe it's just in Scotland, where there's loads of stations within such a small area, and everyone knows everyone else.

But at least Anna and I have a car; a 1989 Toyota Corolla. It only cost us $2,000 (just under 1,000 pounds) and it's in pretty good condition. Some faded paint work, but you'd expect that. It's got power steering and air conditioning which is good and it drives pretty well. Expect some pictures soon.

That is of course if I get my Pc working this weekend. It turns out, when I removed my CPU from the motherboard I bent some pins on it, making it useless. We had all headed out to a computer fair on Saturday to find a case and motherboard for all my components. We ended up settling for a motherboard that could take my Athalon 64 chip (it's a 754 socket, you need to be precise about that), but now that my CPU is buggered, I'm stuck with a fairly average motherboard. Should've just started from scratch. Anyway, we're going to another fair this weekend to get a new CPU and another hard drive. We got a good case with a 500w power supply and Anna splashed out on a 5.1 surround sound system too. It'll be good to get it working, so that Anna can while away the hours play Oblivion on the PC. Hopefully I'll get an X-Box 360 soon too; I transferred all our save games onto a memory card that I've taken with me, so I can start where I left off.

In some other news, the rather excellant video hosting site You Tube seems to be having some problems.


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