Is it me or is the internet going slower?

Eh, either it's this PC or E3 is really slowing the whole web down. Talking of E3, the Playstation 3 details have been announced. Just like the X-box 360, it will come in two packages. One with a 20gb HD and one with a 60gb. The cheaper one is $499 and the other $599, which is approximately 267 and 321 of your English pounds. At least is sounds cheaper; convert it into Australian dollars and they're $647 and $776.

Ouch! Ohhhh, I can feel that one stinging anyone in the pocket. Jeez. Apparently there's been a poll on MSNBC to see how many people are willing to pay that amount and over 60% of the poll takers say "No Fucking Way" or words to that effect.

Anyway, it simply means the X-Box 360 I'm wanting will come down in price, it's inevitable even though Microsoft are denying it right now (of course they are). Despite the fact I want one now, there are things holding me back. Such as the lack of any Pro Evo game on the system and no appearance yet of a new Halo game. Sure it's got Elder Scrolls Oblivion but I've got that for the PC.

Which is currently lying in bits in our bedroom. Anna and I did buy quite a nice computer desk that is gonna be really handy once I get the fucking thing working. But right now, it's covered in an opened case with a graphics and sound card lying about. Today I sent back the motherboard and processor I bought (handily at the same stall at the computer fair) to the shop in Sydney. That's the bummer about shopping at these fairs; the stall holders don't have local shops. The real pain in the arse is that I've saved money buying the stuff from there, but I'm worried I'm gonna send back these components to the shop, they're gonna test them and then send them back to me saying "Nothing wrong with this stuff,". Then I'm back to square one again having spent close to $200, four weeks later and no PC. It's hard adjusting to the fact that everything seems more expensive. For I went and got three CDs and a DVD at the weekend and it was over $100. Shit! I'm still used to going into Fopp and coming out with 8 CDs for 40 quid. (Just for reference 10 pounds is almost AUS $25.)

The other pain in the arse, is the fact that there's very few computer shops actually in Canberra where you can get good components. That's why these computer fairs really hit it off; that and you save a shitload of cash. I could order components online, but I'd still really like to go to a store and talk to someone and if need be, take any broken components back to them and get them fixed. As it is, I've had to spend another $10 sending the motherboard and CPU off, and now I'm just waiting to get them back.

It's just a pain using someone else's PC (although it's greatly appreciated): you can't bookmark your favourite sites, can't install i-tunes to update your i-pod, can't start downloading junk you don't need. All the fun things of having a PC. And also no job to interfere with your slobbing about.


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