More bitching about movies.

First some info:

Alexander Aja to direct "Into The Mirror" remake.

Screenwriter talks "Near Dark" remake.

The Omen remake international trailer. 

The team behind the remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Amityville Horror give details of their remake of The Hitcher.

Warner Brothers remake of The Wicker Man to be released in September.

Pulse remake to be more "audience friendly".

It just makes me wonder if everybody thinks that old/older films are just pish? These were all good films (in fairness I haven't seen the original Pulse and the original Amityville Horror was crap), so why remake them? I would've thought with the advent of DVD, people who wanted to see new horror films (and it's usually horror) would be able to just go and buy older films they hadn't ever seen before.

I mean, I was going to buy a boxed set of Silent Horror classics (like Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and the Phantom of the Opera) before we left Glasgow. There's also foreign language films that are scary as fuck, from Japan or France, Mexico even  Belgium (Calvaire).

I'm sure there's some logic to it. I mean even the fucking remake of the Pink Panther got to number 1 in the box office in the UK.


  1. Shameless cash-ins, man. If you like foreign gore, check out NightWatch. It’s Russian, it’s crazy, it’s got vampires, and it should be available on DVD right about now.

  2. Yeah, I saw Nightwatch at the cinema. I think I’m gonna import the Region 2 disc, because the region 4 disc is a single-edition bare bones. The trailer blew me away, mainly because it featured M83 (see Top 10 Albums page), just like the new trailer for A Scanner Darkly.

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