Are Sony screwing with UK Gamers?

Today Games Radar are reporting that only the more expensive bundle of the controversial PS3 packs will be available to UK buyers. The 60GB version does offer a larger hard drive, high definition interface, memory card slot, wi fi and wireless controllers. The lower end models lacks all of these features and is not upgradable.

Right now, you can order a PS3 through the video games chain Gamestation. However, they have apparently confirmed that only the 60GB model will be available to UK customers. In addition, a pre-order will set you back 425 pounds. Now the equivilant bundle will be on sale in the US for $600. A quick currency conversion shows that that is 316 pounds, so UK gamers are having to fork out over another 100 quid to pay for it.

Opinion: Sony are really taking advantage of their position as market leader. I've heard a lot of people critisise Microsoft for offering two different deals when they launched the X Box 360, but at least the cheaper model could be upgraded with what it initially lacked, like the hard drive and wireless controllers. And at least Microsoft offered a choice for people.


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