Tired and Ill

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Nothing new there, I usually sleep with my mouth agape all the time. That explains the amount of spiders I've eaten. Anyway, it got worse during the day, eventually by the time we were having dinner I was feeling quite queasy. I got the shakes pretty bad and I decided to have an early night. Didn't sleep very well; had the electric blanket on, and I eventually got too hot. Had about 3 hours sleep. Spent most of today in bed absolutely fucked.

Wonder if this was God punishing me for seeing the Da Vinci Code yesterday. We all went because Anna's cousin Christine was really desperate to see it, despite being on the verge of giving birth (her contractions started today). To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with the film. It was very glossy but uninspiring dialogue and hardly any tension. I haven't read the book, so you're not going to get any smart-arse "the book was so much better" comments from me. Never really interested in reading it after Steven Fry dubbed it "arse-gravy" on QI once.

Oh, and does anyone else have a masochistic desire to see this? I'll be Matt's already seen it.


  1. 1. God isn’t punishing you for seeing the Da Vinci Codes. That’s the Vatican’s job. They have a squad of henchmen on their way to your house now. And yes, they’ll look under your bed, so there’s no point in hiding.

    2. Rectuma looks like a far better movie, and more true to life (apart from the fact that the Cafflick church is in no way involved in his rectal rampage, that would have made it more believable). And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Matt’s seen it already. Can I have a copy please Matt?

  2. Matt probably has two copies, since his original VHS copy is almost certainly worn out.

  3. Ps: anybody know why I suddenly went from 20-30 visits a day to over 100 yesterday?

  4. I told my mate, Ansell, who works for BMG and was bemoaning the lack of good music sites, about your site. I imagine he (and perhaps his mates) were checking it out. I’ll ask him. Hope you feel better.

  5. I do indeed. Thanks for passing my blog address onwards. I’m always kinda wondering how blogs develop a following and it’s down to people recommending it. Thanks again.

  6. Stoogy

    My mum’s read the book and she liked it but she’s also a big fan of Dirty Dancing so I wouldn’t trust her judgement.
    I remember Mr. Fry slagging it off which was hilarious but he always has been, is and will be very funny. QI is such a great programme.
    I remember Nick sending me the link for Rectuma a while ago. Sounds brilliant, I’m guessing it’s a Troma style film but hopefully more like Terror Firmer or Sgt Kabukiman NYPD than Chopper Chicks in Zombietown or Redneck Zombies.

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