If I could only stop coughing.

The really irritating thing that's happening right now, is that during the day I feel not too bad. Okay, I have a runny nose and a headache, but I can cope with that. It's just the coughing fit that seems to engulf me when I go to bed. Why then? Can't I have a coughing fit during the day, when there's no one around? No, it has to be during the night when I can run to the toilet to cough up big bits of phlegm. The only way I can get to sleep is by positioning my body in such a way that somehow my chest and throat don't feel any pressure. It's fucking impossible. That's why I spend roughly five hours every night tossing and turning sounding like I'm gonna die any minute. That's also the reason I'm getting up at 11 in the monring every day, which is probably pissing everyone off.

Anyway, my buddy Nikolai has started up a World Cup blog which is very good. I will be able to see the World Cup (maybe) as one of the channels over here is showing all the games. However, I'll only be able to watch the afternoon kick off games, which are happening about 11pm apparently. Thankfully Anna's mum and dad got a hard disc recorder last week which will shortly get filled up with football games. 

But reading Nik's blog made me realise something; I'll be able to watch the World Cup and not hear about how England are going to win it. I'll be able to listen to fair and unbiased commentary (well, apart from Australia's games), without references to 1966 and stuff like that. Frankly, that's my idea of bliss. The other good thing is that I've still not heard any World Cup songs. Of course the fact I've not heard them, means I can't conclusively say they are shit but considering the artists involved (Embrace, Fat Les, The Darkness), I'd say they were the most tuneless pieces of crap ever written. And I'm not going to hear them. At all. 

But I would be interested to know what the reaction is to Justin "British Whale" Hawkin's song is, or if it's even been produced. On NME.com he said:

"The whole point of an England World Cup song is to assert our national identity and talk about the achievements of a great nation.

"Why can't we commemorate all those men who gave their lives in the name of freedom in the war? And, of course, in this case – to bash The Hun? It's a national sport."

Right, so as you've guessed, it's a song that references WW2. Because the World Cup is in Germany and as we know war and football are the same thing right? And since England aren't playing Germany, it's all the more relevant to sing it at Paruguay isn't it?



  1. John

    You do not know how bloody lucky you are to be missing out on the whole worldcup bollocks.

    I was in the pub the other day and the entire time I was there all they played was football songs… I didnt know they’d made so many truely awful songs based around England loosing at football. I suppose it was clever work since it did make me want to drink a whole lot more.
    Its all over the Tv already and it’ll probably get alot worse but thankfully it will die down as soon as England go out, which shouldnt take them too long and then I can just enjoy the football.

    But I know everyone will complain how they where robbed and if Shrek was playing we’d have won it, or some equally shite excuse that will be repeated till the final.

  2. Well, I watched the Austrailia vs Greece game last night. It was being played at the MCG in Melbourne and the crowd was just over 91,000 which was a stadium record. Which means that everyone seems to be into football right now. Anna’s dad remarked that footballers were in adverts that usually rugby guys were in.

  3. stoogy

    I guess you don’t like Justin Hawkins anymore then? lol
    During the coverage for every single game, whether it’s the Beeb or ITV, they have to talk about the England team even if there’s nothing of interest to say about them (which is always). The ITV pundits have little time to assess the first half at half-time because of the ads but they still manage to find time to talk about England and “how they’ll surely improve as they face better opposition”. And they wonder why we don’t support them. Oh please remind me who won in ’66 coz I forgot since the last time you mentioned it 5 minutes ago!!! Wayne who? Meta what? Shut the f*ck up!
    I think that’s enough ranting for now, but even my mum’s fed up with it which is really saying something.

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