Genres you should really try No.2: Post-punk

PiL - Metal BoxPost -punk: or for people who don’t like labels, what happened after the Sex Pistols broke up. The Sex Pistols has inspired people to make music, the good thing was that all those people formed bands that didn’t rip off the Sex Pistols. Which is really good because all they were doing was ripping off the Stooges. To these bands, punk was about the DIY attitude and the rejecting of the rules of rock. Want to use synthesizers to make music? Ok? Want to combine scratchy guitars with disco beats? Sure? Wanna form a band that would have “original punks” foaming at the mouth? Sure, there’s some logic there. The generation that sprung up from 1978 to roughly 1984 made some innovative and ground breaking music that inspires today.

Of course everybody wanted to see what Johnny Rotten came up with after the Sex Pistols. Pretty much everyone was expecting the singer to come up with another angry rock group like the Pistols. He didn’t. What he came up with was Public Image Limited: a combination of bass heavy dub, funky disco drumming and long periods of guitar noise. After their second album, the imposing Metal Box, the band began to disintegrate and eventually Rotten called an end to PiL.

Post punk never really gets as much recognition as punk, but maybe that’s because punk was easier to define or parody. Of course one of the biggest groups in the world, Green Day, have their roots in punk. But looks at Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, the Rakes and others; you’re hearing post-punk in them. Look soon for Post-punk’s offspring, disco-punk.

If you liked PiL – Metal box, then there’s too many albums to try. What I’d recommend is reading Rip It Up And Start Again by Simon Reynolds. It’s an exhaustive look at the band that followed in the wake of the Sex Pistols like the Slits, Joy Division, the Fall, Scritti Polliti, Orange Juice, Cabaret Voltaire and more.


  1. stoogy

    “But looks at Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, the Rakes and others; you’re hearing post-punk in them.”

    And I like all of them, which means they must be good… Stop laughing!

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