Genres you should really try No.3: Post Rock

Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never DiePost Rock: or "what is it and is it going to hurt us?". Post Rock is something that a lot of bands get called, despite most of the bands hate the tag. It basically means any group that plays long and instrumental songs. Which to be fair covers a lot of ground already, but I take it to be the antithesis of the bands I used to play in: the less chords the better, ripping off the Beatles is mandatory. Post rock takes all genres of music and shoves them into a big blender with no rules attached. 

It's difficult to pick out a definitive post rock album or album, because they're so many good ones and it depends on your definition of post rock. It's not just instrumental stuff, so you can include Sigur Ros and Mogwai. It's a toss up between Slint, Tortoise or Godspeed You Black Emperor. Since I've gone on about GYBE a couple of times I'll talk about Tortoise and Slint. Slint are reckoned to be the daddies of post rock. They only released two albums but both were thought to have sprea the post rock gospel amongst the underground music scene, especially in America. Indeed after their split, guitarist Dave Pajo joined Chicago based Tortoise. The members of Tortoise have their roots in the Hardcore punks scene but eventually they tired of it. Finding solace in jazzy beats and vibes, they've created a unique sound, melding krautrock, jazz, dub and electronics. Probably their best album is "Millions Now Living Will Never Die", with the first track "Djed" a real highlight.

It's hard recommending only a couple of post rock albums, so here's some of my favourites:

  • Isis – Panopticon
  • Mono – One More Step And You Die
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor – F# A# Infinity
  • Mogwai – Young Team
  • Sigur Ros – ( )
  • Tortoise – Standards
  • Slint – Spiderland 

  1. I’m not convicned. Only the absurdly talented can sustain twenty minute directionless solos and still call it music – towit, Eric Clapton. Average bands should stick to perfecting the 2 minute pop classics. I am listening to It’s Alive right now and I have come to the conclusion that if you can’t say it in 1 minute 45 seconds, is it really worth saying? However, I am all agog at the existence of Krautrock!

  2. Hey, thanks to my old radio station job I got 8 Can albums in one week. Complete Krautrock overload!

  3. stoogy

    Krautrock? Anything to do with Germans or would that be too unPC?

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