The 80’s were as bad as we thought.

Recently there’s been a shift into thinking that the 1980’s weren’t as bad a decade as we all believe. Personally I blame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Not that I did’t like the game, but it was pretty sweet. I never went to Florida during the 1980’s but it did feel eerily accurate. ‘Course in the spirit of things, a box set of usic from the game was released, and it did feature some cool stuff. Some early hip-hop from the likes of Afrika Bambata and Run DMC, and some cool new wave stuff from Blondie. There was also some obligitory crap stuff thrown in. Didn’t dissuade people these days from wearing leg warmers and trying to convince people that Spandau Ballet were good. I mean there were good bands in the 80’s like, Dinosaur JR, R.E.M., the Pixies, Sonic Youth but the rest of it was bollocks.

And as if to prove the point Trash Fan has sprung up, dedicating itself to showing you video proof of why the 80’s were shite. They have a great selection of videos that frankly, if watched in one hour, could make your eyes bleed. This is one of the less offensive ones:

See, my buddy Ian keeps trying to tell me how cool Simple Minds were in the early 80’s, before they went shit. I didn’t realise there was a time when they weren’t shit. But Ian’s a bit older than me, so I can forgive him a few guilty pleasures. He also tells me that he bets I wish I was a couple of years older so that I could have enjoyed acid house more. That’s bit’s actually true.


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