Oh well, looks like 6/6/06 was a dud.

Well it looks like the worst thing that happened today was my sore throat this morning, coupled with the release of the Omen remake. No I didn't go and see it, I don't believe in moaning about movies and questioning their existence and then justifying it by spending money to go see it. Incidentally, Anna and I were watching X-men 3 and saw the trailer for the Omen remake and a girl behind us asked her friends if that "was an old film or something?". Christ, you'd think everyone had seen it (but I'll stop before I sound like Mazza). 

But yeah, so the end of the world didn't come. Just as well, 'cos I got the new Sonic Youth album and I would be ticked off if the rapture came and I didn't get a listen to it. Incidentally, I've loaded up i-tunes on my now functioning PC and I've put on all the CDs I've got with me. I've got a few since arriving in Oz (old habits die hard), including the new albums by Tool, Snow Patrol, Gnarls Barkley, Grandaddy and the Raconteurs. I'm still looking for the new albums by the Futureheads, Twilight Singers and Phoenix. It's hard finding release date, whereas I used to put album release dates down on a monthly planner, so I could rush out and get them. These days I'm lucky if I can get to a record store once a week. Mind you I spotted yesterday that there's a Landspeed Records being built in the local shopping district. The suburb I'm living in is expanding rapidly, like the rest of Canberra, so there's lots of brand news shops that are going to be opening up. If they open up a comic book store, then I think I'll feel quite at home. (Apart from the 40 minute walk to the shops). 


  1. I know this might be a bit mainstream, but any thoughts on the new Primal Scream album? I saw The Omen and it’s surprisingly okay considering the generally piss-poor nature of 70s remakes.

  2. John

    Remakes annoy me, especially when the original is still good and doesnt need to be redone. Plus they managed to make the new Damien look more crappy than creepy.

    On the subject of crappy remakes, The new Wicker Man trailer is out. Which looks abit bollocks aswell.

  3. I read a review online saying that the Omen remake isn't bad, but I've still no overwhelming desire to see it. the iriginal is good enough for me.

    I've not heard the new Primal Scream album yet: I know they've gone back to their rock 'n roll roots like Give Out But Don't Give Up, but I didn't really like that album. My favourite was XTRMNTR, which was a bastard of an album. I'll maybe see if I can listen to some tracks online. I still haven't forgiven Bobby G for butchering "Some Velvet Morning" along with Kate Moss. But the new Sonic Youth album is rather good, much better than last year's "Sonic Nurse".

  4. Mike

    I read somewhere that ‘666’ was actually a mistranslation. In the original Revelations it actually read ‘616’. How was 6th January ?

  5. Eh, pretty uneventful I should think.

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