More video than you can shake a stick at.

Apologies to those without broadband (yes there are some poor unfortunate souls still without), but I've gone and added a new page which you will see above. I've managed to collect 10 of my favourite music videos and brought them here for your viewing pleasure. It's a page I'm going to update semi-regularly with new videos that I like and some I don't (I've already got some ideas). Hopefully you'll enjoy them.

Incidentally, I've been catching up with some podcasts that I've missed, especially a couple of editions of Not Your Usual Bollocks which has got to be one of the best music podcasts out there. No. 34 has some great stuff by Calexico and the Pipettes especially. Right now, I've become increasingly fond of Aereogramme's "In Gratitude" off their "Sleep And Release" album which I listened to a couple of times whilst writing about some great Scottish albums.

That's all for just now.

UPDATE: actually it's not. Some WordPress themes allow comments on Pages, but the one I'm using doesn't. If you have a comment on any of the videos  you can leave it in this post, or actually any post if you have a comment on any of the other Pages. PS, thanks to  EGOCYNTRIC for the link.


  1. cynter

    your welcome. really great list!

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