A Heart Full Of Hornets meaningless lists No. 2

Top 10 Band Names:

  1. ..And You Will Know Them By The Trail Of Dead
  2. Do Make Say Think
  3. !!!
  4. Amusement Parks On Fire
  5. Sonic Youth
  6. The Fucking Champs
  7. Queens Of The Stone Age
  8. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
  9. Gay Dad
  10. Sluts Of Trust

Right now my Fantasy Football league team is doing well: right now I'm third in the Scoundrels private league. Most of my players have performed to my expectations. The only cloud on the horizon is Harry Kewell possibly not starting against Japan. I was hoping he could bag a goal against Japan or Croatia before the end of the group stage. The highlight was looking at the TV listings, at around 1am before I went to bed, and seeing the Portugal/Angola game was on at 5:30am. I realised I had to substitute Pauleta into my side quickly and it's just as well I did. He scored the only goal against Angola and got me the points I needed.

Yesterday I got my mobile phone which was handy, now Anna and I can actually go places and not have to make silly arrangments about where to meet one another. It's on the 3 network which is apparently much better in Australia than Britain. The reason being, that 3 only cover the big cities, because there's no need to cover the rural areas because there's bugger all people there. Smart idea really.  


  1. stoogy

    I think the Fucking Champs are the best out of the 10 with !!! lagging way behind the others coz I hate their “name”. I feel a right idiot “saying” their “name”. Those bastards! lol

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