Want One

Apparently and (English)man's home is his castle. I believe that in all honesty a man's shitter is his castle. Think how much time you spend on the bog? If you're like me and feel the need to spend quite some time, extracting that last bit of shit from your arse, then you'll spend a significant portion of your life on the toilet. So what do you do? Stare at the featureless white wall opposite? Inspect the tops of your legs? Nah, a man's bathroom should feature copious reading material and other distractions. A small magazine rack, discreetly hidden at the side of the toilet, is a nice feature and relaxes any potential visitors. I was thinking recently of what I'd like to have in my bathroom and then I stumbled upon this:

I-pod bog roll holder.

I mean, it's like God answered my prayers. No more having to go into the toilet with my headphones on, you can simply plug it in and the speakers will do the rest. Genius.


  1. You have a challenger in my dad. He takes musically more seriously than anyone I know to the point where he spent a ludicrous amount of money getting his whole house wired up with obscure Japanese speakers and a fully wireless digital musical collection. So if you go into any room in the house, incl. the bathrooms, you get insanely hgh quality speakers and touch panel to choose your music which then comes in immediately over the ether! He’s even gone to the extreme of selecting speakers for each room which take into account the volume of space and acoustics (rooms with tiled floors have diff. specs to carpets etc). The man is a geek.

  2. Order me one, and load it up with “brown noise” in case I’ve not eaten enough fibre.

    mmm, yummy.

  3. stoogy

    “If you’re like me and feel the need to spend quite some time, extracting that last bit of shit from your arse…”
    WAY too much information!

  1. 1 EGOCYNTRIC » should’ve seen this one coming….

    […] found at thealid: want one […]

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