Some good news for Blade Runner fans.

Harrison Ford in Blade RunnerOf which I am one, of course. I was casually looking through for some upcoming DVD releases when I noticed this on the up and coming releases. No big deal really, because Blade Runner had come out on DVD years ago, on a fairly shoddy, extras free DVD with a really poor picture transfer. Thankfully my buddy Chris had gone and gotten me a copy as a Christmas gift a few years ago. This DVD was promptly withdrawn for sale a couple of years ago. Rumours have been abounding for years that Ridley Scott would go back and do a proper “director’s cut” (the “Director’s Cut” that was released was a compromise between Scott and the studio), since Ridley had said the film he had envisioned and filmed was quite different to the film that was released.

So I searched on Play for “Blade Runner” and came up with another result. This verison is dubbed “The Final Version“, and doesn’t even have a release date. According to Play it will include three versions of the film:

“the Original U.S. Theatrical Cut (never before available in the UK); the Expanded International Theatrical Cut; and the 1992 Director’s Cut”

So when’s it going to come out? Well, it looks like 2007 unfortunately, but it’ll be worth waiting for. A quick check at Davis DVD brought up a press release from a month ago that confirmed the decision to release all three copies. (Incidentally, I also noticed a press release saying the the First Series of the Tick will be released on DVD at the end of the Summer). So finally, one of the last films not to be released on DVD is coming in a proper edition. Thank God.


  1. John

    About bloody time, I’ve downloaded both the cinema and dvd release versions and the quailty is awful. It would be good to see the movie for real at last.

  2. stoogy

    I’ve never even seen the film (perish the thought).

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