Argh, it’s all gone wrong!

Looks like my fantasy football team has gone down the shitter. I was doing so well for the first two stages too, I was pretty much always in the top 4 places and occupied top spot for a while. Now I'm still in second postition as I write this, but it could have been so much better. I transferred Harry Kewell when I head he might be suspended for Australia's potential last game; he wasn't and he scored. D'oh! Then Big Phil decideds not to play Pauleta in Portugal's win against Mexico. Plus the Czechs have let me down badly; Nedved failed to score and Cech was let in 4 goals in two games. I did have an inkling they wouldn't do well, when Koller was injured; with no quality strikers I couldn't see them going far. Anyway, looks like some transfers are in order. Thankfully, you can make unlimited transfers for your team before the knockout stages, so a total re-think maybe in order.

She Wants RevengeIn the meantime I'm enjoying a couple of new albums by groups I've discovered since I came to Australia (although they're all American). First up are LA duo She Want Revenge, whose self titled debut album is an amalgamation of Suicide, Joy Division and Interpol. The sound is mainly electronic but with guitars and Justin Wharfield's baritone delivery. Like a lot of groups, She Wants Revenge skirts a line that's homage on one side, and rip-off on the other. What seperates She Wants Revenge for the groups I mentioned is Wharfield's lyrics, which mostly focus on sexual desires and jealousy. Think of it as a more energised version of Joy Division at their most dancable.

Mates of State

The other group I've been listening to is Mates Of State, a hudband and wife duo who make great, uplifting pop music. Now, usually I can't stand pop, but this is great stuff. There's so many catchy melodies and considering the majority of their stuff is just keyboards and drums, it's pretty amazing that they've come up with such a full bodied album. The harmonies are great and help give the songs an extra dimension. If you like Joy Zipper or Stars, then search this album out.


  1. stoogy

    I love Joy Zipper! Well, I love American Whip but haven’t heard any of their other stuff. Anyone who comes up with the song title In The Never Ending Search For A Suitable Enemy can’t be too bad! 😀

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