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I’ve had to leave all my comics atmy mum and dad’s house because Anna and I couldn’t afford to take them with us. You have no idea how heavy 4 bookshelves of comics are until you try and put 30 kgs of them into a box. So, I’ve had to leave them all aside, and apart from a single visit to a comic book store on the other side of the city, there’s been prescious little comic book action happening.

So, I’ve been checking out some web comics for some day to day comic book action. First up is the brilliant Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which is a black and white comic. It’s the adventures of said Dr who is also a ninja. To give you a taste of the vein of humour, the current story has velocoraptor riding banditos and Ronald MacDonald. It’s oh-so slightly surreal but very funny.

Questionable Content is a comic about “Indie rock, romance and a robot”, only partially based in reality, this is an indie-hipster’s (like myself) dream comic. Marten, our hero for lack of a better word, struggles with his love-life and has numerous conversations about indie bands. C’mon, he has a Mogwai and Mercury Rev poster on his wall. What a guy! The comic’s up to it’s 654th page, so it might be an idea to go back to the start and read through all of them, it’s well worth it. There’s also a character guide, whichcan help you fill in some blanks.
A darker comic is NYC 2123, a cyberpunk sci-fi comic which has been optimised to be viewed on the web as well as a PSP. It’s a thriller, with a nano-mob hired to do some corporate espionage that lands them in a big deal of trouble. The final issue of the series has just come out, so you can read the whole thing at your leisure. The artwork is really reminiscent of Brian Michael Bendis, one of my favourite writers/illustrators.

UPDATE: typical; literally 5 minutes after I write this page I visited Binky’s blog and found a link to a rather funny X-men comic which explains why X Men 3 wasn’t that good, compared to the actual comics. Well worth reading if you have never read any X-men comics.


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