Pulling One’s Finger Out

I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the way I’m updating my blog and what I’m updating it with. The surprising thing is that spending most of the day online and surfing a large number of sites, actually makes it difficult to write about anything. The amount of information is seemingly numbing my brain and it makes writing something interesting and worth reading kinda hard. The other thing I’ve been thinking about is the lack of music articles I’ve been writing. It’s been hard coming up with ideas for interesting “Top 5” lists, then listening to those albums included 2 or 3 times. Now I’ve got my i-tunes library on my PC and I’m gonna listen to everything I own again. So I’ve decided to write smaller articles focusing on one album at a time, which will be easier to write and hopefully I can churn more of them out.

Also I’ve decided not to post over the weekends, so there’s no need to check the site over the weekend. Frankly, I’ve decided I need to get off my arse and do something, before the last vestiges of my youth slip away (I think I’m having one of those mid-20’s crises). I should be be doing something a bit more constructive with my time, but then again, I just bought an X-box 360 and that’ll probably end up sucking up all my time.

Anyway, I’m working on one more Top 5 list post, and then I’m gonna work on some posts for next week to give me a head start. I know I’m also using this blog to keep in touch with my mates in Scotland and elsewhere; if you guys are wanting to know what I’m up to, I’ll still keep posting details of how I’m doing, but feel free to e-mail me too.


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