We’re fucked before we’ve begun.

Italy Win The World Cup

This isn’t really news as the draw was announced months ago, but I just realised today that Scotland are in the same group as France and the new World champions, Italy for qualification for Euro 2008. Well that’s fan-fucking-tastic then isn’t it? The two finalists from the World Cup! Looks like we’re not going to that Championship, and we’ve not even kicked a ball yet. Can’t we get a break? Look at England’s group: Croatia, Russia and Israel for piss-sake!


  1. Craig

    You’re forgetting Ukraine are in there as well. We’ll pump the lot of them!!!!!

  2. In all honesty, do you really think Scotland would qualify if they were in the English group?!

  3. stoogy

    We’d have a much better chance! lol I think we should be more worried about trying to beat the Faroe Islands. At least there’d be no shame in losing to Italy or France.
    Anyone know why Paddy Power have made England favourites for Euro 2008? Just coz they got rid of Sven doesn’t mean they should be favourites! William Hill have got them joint 2nd behind Italy & alongside France & Germany. Seems a bit optimistic to me.

    It’s a shame the boring, defensive divers won the world cup but it wasn’t the best world cup of all time anyway. If only Scotland had been there… hehe

  4. Bina: no, not really. At least with the group we’re in, we don’t expect to qualify so when we don’t it won’t be a surprise.

    Stoogie: yeah, because if Sven wasn’t the manager, England would have won the World Cup easy. Of course, it helps when your star players don’t grossly under-perform.

  5. McLaren is just a Sven-clone – boring, unimaginative unintelligent…I hold out few hopes. If, say, El Tel had been manager, he would have had the balls to, say, drop Beckham, or the common sense to take more than one fit striker or, say, dropped either Gerrard or Lampard who just replicate each other, or, say, played another person up front to support Rooney/Crouch….

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