The Cure – The Cure

The Cure - The CureHooray, it’s eponymous albums week. It actually took a while to work out what eponymous titled albums I’ve actually got. There’s only about a dozen and it seems something that bands do less and less these days. Maybe because they can think up snappy titles. Or in Razorlight’s case, they can’t be arsed. So anyway, the Cure’s 13th album and purchased about two weeks after I got their best of. See, I’d liked the few Cure songs that were hits like “Friday I’m In Love” and “Close To Me” and it always puzzled me why they were thought of as a miserable goth band. The songs that I knew were upbeat pop songs, not dreary, deathly dirges. But as I found out, the Cure’s career has always been split between pop and darkness and this split happens on their albums too.

Recorded with nu-metal’s producer of choice, Ross Robinson (Slipknot, At The Drive In, Korn), in a matter of weeks The Cure was an album that almost wasn’t made. Robert Smith had been rumbling that the band’s previous album “Bloodflowers” was their last. Robinson, an avid fan, offered to produce another album and the band took him up on his offer. Robinson has well known technique of letting the bands play live in the studio with him present, as he communicates to an engineer elsewhere. It shows as the album has a live feel. The opening of “Lost” sounds spontaneous and natural as it’s layer approach builds up, getting more and more disorientating. Songs like “The Promise” and “Labyrinth” are dark and foreboding, but never dwell on it. “Us or Them” is angry, with a swampy bassline at the fore.

But the stengths on this album are the lighter, more upbeat songs: the single “The End of The World” and “Truth, Goodness and Beauty” are both catchy tunes that stick in your head. “I Don’t Know What’s Going On” is just made by Robert Smith’s yelping vocals. The Cure probably isn’t the band’s best album, self-titled albums rarely are, but it’s still a good album. There’s plenty of songs for you to enjoy whether you like the light side or dark side.

The Cure – End of the World:


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