Cutt Offf

Well, the internet connection was working fine and dandy on Sunday night. Then, when I came home from work on Monday, nowt. None of the computers were connected and neither was the X-box. Didn’t really know what was wrong until I heard today that Anna’s aunt and uncle (who live a couple of minutes away) also had no connection. Turns out one of the telecom companies were doing some digging at the exchange, so that probably explains it. Anyway, I’ve updating this from Christine and Aaron’s place, where Anna and I are house sitting.

Thanks to everyone that left comments about my gran’s passing. Her funeral was on Wedensday and I was unable to attend. The logistics of trying to make it to Scotland that quickly were too hard. My mum’s been in contact via the phone to keep me up to speed, so I’ve not felt out of touch.

Anyway, I’m taking a sabbatical for the rest of the week and I’ll start updating next week.


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