We have broadband! Oh sweet bandwidth goodness. It’s taken a brand new modem to solve all our internet grief, which discounts my previous theory that the telecoms company fucked up our exchange. Mind you, the telephone didn’t work a couple of days ago, so make of that what you will. But I’m back. You’d probably be expecting me to have written loads of music articles during my time off, but I’m a slacker, so I’ve not. I’ve been playing Oblivion on the 360 all the time. Shabba!

Anyway, some pretty important things have happened recently:

First, I started working at one of the major terrestrial channels in the city. I’m working in the traffic department, which is scheduling commercials. It’s basically data entry, which is helped by the fact I don’t watch TV at all. The station I’m working at has the Simpsons, but also Australian Idol so I suppose it balances out. Does it fuck.

Second, we got broadband. Wait, I already told you that. Shit.

Thirdly (or secondly really), I got a car today: a 1998 Toyta Camry, for six and a half grand (2,600 quid approx). It’s in damm fine condition and it’s a real big step up from the other car Anna and I got. Mind you, I’m the fucker paying for it so it’d better be good.

Fourthly, (is that a word?) I did buy quite a few albums over the last few weeks (and probably more if I go out shopping tomorrow). I’ll probably try and write articles about the new stuff that I’ve got.

Filthy (see what I did there? Huh!), we got our stuff. Boxes full of DVDs, CDs and Anna’s shoes. Thank God. I’ve been living out a fucking suitcase for weeks now! All we need now are some DVD racks and were sorted!

So that’s all, thanks for all the e-mails asking about my rumoured death. Like Dave Grohl, I’m not dead and I have a beard.


  1. Craig

    Brilliant, my life is once again complete.

  2. stoogy

    “So that’s all, thanks for all the e-mails asking about my rumoured death. Like Dave Grohl, I’m not dead and I have a beard.”

    It was an easy enough mistake to make when you were here. All that black! lmao

    My mum was asking for the url for this blog but I don’t think she’d like all the swearing hehe.

  3. Yeah, well put it this way: my own mum isn’t seeing this blog!

  4. stoogy

    No shit, Sherlock! lmao Why the f*ck not?

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