Kashmir – No Balance Palace

KashmirKashmir are a band from Denmark, who despite me not ever hearing about until two months ago, are very big all over Scandanavia. How I actually managed to hear about them despite being on the other side of the world shows that their record company can actually be arsed in making them big in other countries. Seeing the bands that are big here in Australia, that are unknown abroad, made me realise how difficult it is for a band to do well outside their native country. Nowadays we can kinda take for granted that bands like Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Radiohead do really well internationally. A band usually needs a hook, or something that’ll make people notice them. How about having David Bowie on your album. Hey, it’s worked for the already brilliant TV on the Radio.

The Bowie-meister guests on the current single from Kashmir, “The Cynic” (only you can actually hear him sing, which is more than can be said for Province by TV on the Radio. Still a good song mind). It’s one of three great opening tracks on the album that share a woozy, Cure-esque atmosphere. Vocalist Kasper Eistrup, has a strange high pitched delivery which works really well with the distored guitars on this track. Elsewhere the really excellent “Curse Of Being A Girl” (see Top 10 videos page), shares the same kind of distorted guitars, only this time it creates a shimmering, brighter sound. “Ophelia” is a sort of ballad and maybe the most straightforward song on the album, “Supergirl” sounds like a slightly more downbeat Killer’s song.

The more downbeat, drone piece “Black Building” features old sourpuss Lou Reed sounding like David Carradine in Kill Bill. It’s a decent stop gap, but I wonder why they couldn’t have turned the lush sounding “Diana Ross” into a song. It’s only 30-odd seconds long, but hey a little more effort could have made something. But that’s a minor quibble; this is a really good album that you should really get a hold of. Stop by at your local indie record shop and ask them for it. I bought my copy a couple of weeks ago, so you should be able to get a copy.

Kashmir – The Cynic (with David Bowie):


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