PS3 delayed in Europe

PS3I was gonna talk about the Wolfmother album, but I’ve been playing Katamari on the PS2 this evening, so there’s been no time for a proper update. Instead I’m reacting to the news that the PS3 launch in Europe has been delayed until March 2007, meaning no PS3’s for anyone’s Christmas. That’s a big blow, meaning Microsoft (and potentially Nintendo) have the chance to get the busy festive season wrapped up (if you can forgive the pun).

I know I’ve been skeptical about how popular the PS3 will be come launch time. True, I think the 6 million units that are being promised for the launch will be snatched up immediately. That said, the asking price in Australia is $999 (just over 400 quid), which is still a big chunk of cash. Put it this way, I paid $650 for my X-Box 360. Still a lot of money, but there’s just the feeling of shedding out a grand for something.

Mind you, my brother’s decided to get me a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday (which was 3 weeks ago), so that should be fun. At least in the near future there will be some fun gaming ahead.


  1. John

    I’m not at all interested in the PS3, even if it wasnt stupidly expensive I dont think I’d own one.

    The only new console I think I might get is the Wii but I’m still undecided on that new controller. But after playing on the DS Lite and Gamecube I’m sure its going to have some fantastic games on it, even if I will look like a flamming spastic playing them.

  2. stoogy

    “Mind you, my brother’s decided to get me a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday…”

    I’ll ask you again, did you & Anna get the cards I sent? You never did answer my email.
    As for the PS3, I don’t care coz I’m not interested in games consoles anymore. My brother has a PS2 which I haven’t used for ages. I’m too busy watching TV, reading / writing blogs or talking to people online. Yes, I know I need to get out more.

  3. I did get the cards you sent, I’m only checking my main e-mail every few days, because I’m getting bugger all e-mails.

    It was quite funny today at work, frantic e-mails from sales reps asking we urgently pull all adverts for stores advertising the PS3.

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