Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Wolfmother - wolfmotherThe guys in Wolfmother must be truly unashamed. I mean, fuck; look at the CD cover! Is it not the most cheesy thing you’ve seen? These guys must have been raised on a diet of daft rock albums with a perchant for Dungeons and Dragons. But when you actually get down to the important thing, that is listen to the fucking music, you’d realise that they’re much more in the vein of stoner rocks gods Queens Of The Stone Age or Black Sabbath. They’re a primal rock and roll band with a brand of heaviness that’s more akin to bands like the White Stripes or Led Zepplin. Considering they’re a three- piece, it’s even more impressive. This is a slickly produced album that has a real sonic force that’s great on the CD, but probably even better live.

Opener “Dimension” is a murky stomper, with muted drums and a heavy bassline, “Woman” is a blistering, rip-roaring track despite it’s throwaway lyrics. Plus it has cowbell, which makes it a winner in my book. “Where Eagles Have Been” doesn’t really get going until it’s last, galloping burst. “The Joker & The Thief” is another great tune with it’s brilliant organ-led opening. “Apple Tree” is a track that reminds me of the White Stripes, mainly because of it’s simple stop/start riff and pounding drums.

“Colossal” kinda runs out of steam towards the end, but I still like it and “Witchcraft” has a bonkers flute solo that has to be heard to believed. It’s this kind of shamelessness that probably will put off people to Wolfmother (bizarrely Thom Yorke is a fan). But to be frank, it’s a fun-loving (but not frivolous) album: one that you put on and air-guitar around the room to. And frankly, there’s fuck all to be ashamed of with that. And to prove that, here’s the band themselves playing “Woman” on the Letterman show:


  1. Craig

    Jeez, something must be wrong with the world. We both like the same album!!!!

  2. stoogy

    Fuck yeh!!! I remember when I first saw them I thought (stupidly) “I wonder if Ali D has heard of this band coz they kick ass!”. Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how my inner monologue went but you get the idea 😉 I almost bought the album a few weeks back but I realised I should listen to the albums I’ve already bought a bit more before buying even more. Anyway, the singer has a great voice & the music makes you wanna jump about the place thrashing your head about (not that I actually do that lmao).

  3. stoogy

    Oh, & they have a fucking cool name! 😀

  4. John

    Ali must be slipping, I had this album back near the start of the year. I think its the first time I’ve got a album before he has 😛

    Still great album, and that some hair he’s got.

  5. Yeah, white-boy afros are the new black. I did hear about the band a while ago, but it took a while for me to come round to their charms.

    I wonder what the Craig feels about the new Tool album and also the new Deftones album on the horizon?

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