The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

The Grates

Another day, another Australian band to talk about. Only this time it’s not the cod-rock theatrics of Wolfmother I’m on about, it’s the sometimes twee, punky three-piece from Brisbane called The Grates. Comprising of mainly guitars, drums and various other instrucments, the group made their first recordings in a shed. It kinda suits their off-kilter sunny pop songs, which are slightly cheeky especially with the casual swearing which of course appeals to me. But I think the album’s got quite a bit of variety and it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome, managing to cram 14 tracks into 40 minutes. Plus it features a nice sounding female vocalist sweaing, which is always nice.
The opening track track “I Won’t Survive” is pretty fucking annoying; it’s got’s a strange vocal which sound Scottish, but it made me skip it. It’s just over a minute and to be fair, everything else on the album is much better. “Lies Are Much More Fun” is a jaunty track, charting the excapades of a cheating lover. “19 20 20” is a White Stripes, straightforward, garage-rock track. “Rock Boys” is a great track, which is really musically developed despite the small number of instruments. It reminded me of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s more anthemic songs like “Maps” or “Turn Into”. “Howl” is another garage-rock track with a dirty, great riff. “Trampolin” is a bit simplistic, but it’s lyrics are fun which made me smile.

“Feels Like Pain” is a bit of a departure by being a lot darker and quite sinister at points. I didn’t think it jarred with the rest of the album and it made a nice change of pace. “Science Is Golden” is a great tune, it manages to pick layers and layers of sound without sounding overblown. “Sukkerfish” is another good track, with it’s country feel and banjo plucking. The rest of the album passes pretty much without incident, it’s neither bad or overwhelmingly good. Maybe some of the later tracks could be trimmed (they’re also the longest) and you’d be left with a really charming lo-fi pop album.

The Grates – Science is Golden (think the audio might be out of synch):


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