The Rapture – Pieces of People We Love

The RaptureIt’s difficult to realise how much the Rapture grabbed the zeitgeist by the balls and didn’t let go, and all by releasing a single track. For almost a year, they were the hippest band around and it was all down to the disco-punk, cowbell anthem “House of Jealous Lovers”, a song that guaranteed pale, indie boy like me would attempt to bust some moves. Of course it wasn’t the whole story; the Rapture had released a fairly ignored debut EP on Sub Pop a few years earlier. The band moved to New York, where they captured the ear of the DFA, who went on to produce their debut album “Echoes”. Then nothing. Other so called “Disco Punk” groups like !!! and Radio 4 failed to capatalise on the Disco-punk scene, and in Britain Franz Ferdinand spearheaded a new generation of indie/dance groups. So now in 2006, are the Rapture going to be dismissed by hipsters for no other reason than being “so 4 years ago”?

Hopefully not, because this new album is even better than “Echoes”. Some of the rough edges have been smoothed out, and the jerky guitars have been phased out for a more “produced” sound. Don’t worry, this is still the product of a group of musicians, but you can hear the influence of producers Paul Epworth (Bloc Part), Ewen Pearson (remixer of Franz Ferdinand) and Dangermouse (Gorrilaz, Gnarls Barkley). “Don Go Do It” is a great opener, with a pulsating bass line and a scratchy guitar sound in the chorus, which shows the band haven’t lost their roots at all. The album’s title track is one of the two tracks produced by Dangermouse and you can tell, the muted drums have got the same typr of atmosphere as some of the Gnarls Barkley tracks. “Get Myself Into It” reminds me a bit of Radio 4, but also Blondie “Atomic”-era, especially with the saxaphone chorus. “First Gear” is a surprise as it features bassist Matty Safer on vocals, but it’s a cool, beat driven electronic track (maybe on par with Echoes “I Need Your Love”

“The Devil” is the track that reminds me of the Rapture of 3 years ago; disco drum line and a funky bassline. “Whoo! Alright-Yeah… Uh Huh” is a track designed for the dance-floor not doubt, it’s got great pace and cowbell! “Live In Sunshine” is a strange, Tv on The Radio-esque track with woozy drums and swirling vocals. It’s good and shows a bit of variety on the album. “Pieces of People We Love” is a strong album, maybe stronger than “Echoes” because it’s pretty consistent. Songs like “House Of Jealous Lovers” and “Olio” were out on compilations and as singles long before “Echoes” was released and therefore maybe dulled the album’s impact. “Pieces…” manages to stand on it’s own and there’s no better compliment than that.

The Rapture – Get Myself Into It:


  1. stoogy

    The only other Rapture song I know is House of Jealous Lovers & this one is much better.

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