Back from my brief holiday.

Well, I’m back from my brief trip to Townsville in Queensland (look it up). Anna and I were there for her friend Natalie’s wedding. Overall, it was a nice trip; the weather was amazing apart from Saturday (the day of the wedding) and the town was pretty nice, if suffering from yer typical small town vibes. Wedding was good, unfortunately it rained, but no one really seemed to mind. It was quite a small affair, probably only about 40-50 people which made it a lot more laid back than I expected; no kids running about the place beating the shit out of each other.

We then spent the rest of our long weekend, lounging around and enjoying some food and just some time off work. This week is going to be a bit of a pain, as it’s the usual end of the month fiasco of new orders being late and there’s a public holiday on Monday. Brilliant. Looks like midnight finishes aren’t going to be out of the question this week. If the blog isn’t updated at all this week, then you’ll know why.


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