Scissor Sisters – Ta-Dah

Scissor SistersI know what you’re thinking… actually I don’t, but that’s maybe something I should be thankful about. But why am I talking about the Scissor Sisters, the camp, extroverted New York pop group. Isn’t there an onscure indie band I could be raving about, or maybe some lost classic that deserves attention? Well I’m sure I’ll get round to that. But then again why am I talking about a band that seems to stradle Radio’s 1 and 2 almost simultaneously and as such, are dismissed as middle of the road. Such a thing couldn’t be further from the truth; the Sicssor Sisters have managed to pull off the smart trick of being a group and pop at the same time. Right now, “Pop” still makes people think of dismal boy bands and worse. But the Scissor Sisters are a pop group in the lineage of Elton John, Abba, David Bowie, T-Rex, Pet Shop Boys and the Beatles (yes, they are a pop group, now fuck off). Maybe it’s the group’s mixed sexuality that makes them interesting, maybe it’s their background in performance art and the NY club scene. Whatever it is, the Scissor Sisters have found their calling making quality pop albums.

Of course, it’s tempting to see Scissor Sisters as just some nice pop tunes with some falsetto vocals from Jake Shears. The opening track “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is perky and upbeat but the lyrics tell a different story. When I first heard “She’s My Man” I thought it was Billy Joel, with it’s driving piano melody. “I Can’t Decide” is again jaunty and fun, but the lyrics again are dark (“I can’t decide/whether you should live or die”, “My heart is dead inside/cold and hard and petrified). It’s a strange feeling hearing these forboding words coming out of a voice that’s obviously having a good time. But the music is always in a good frame of mind, “Lights” is a sexy disco number and even the ballad “Lands Of A Thousand Words” is positive and brilliantly produced.

“Everybody Wants the Same Thing” is surprisingly weak; it just doesn’t push the right buttons to make it the sing-along anthem it probably wants to be. Mind you I was listening to this at work this morning, so singing along probably wasn’t the best idea. Best track I think, is “Paul McCartney”, a great, stomping electro track that just crackles with energy. Overall Ta-Dah isn’t perfect (“Intermission” let me down, and the bonus track “Transistor” could have been a decent b-side, no more), but overall the Scissor Sisters have shown their range. They’ve taken classic pop, rock ‘n roll, new wave, dance music and thrown it all into a blender and come out with a joyous album of fun songs with some lyrical honesty. Frankly, it’s all you could want from a pop group.

Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing:


  1. Nik told me to comment you. Apparently you and I would get along, mainly because we’re obsessed with music.

    Well, apparently you have my email, considering it’s a requirement for comments and such.


  2. Ali D obsessed with music? Whatever makes you think that!? lmao

    “…yes, they are a pop group, now fuck off…”

    That made me laugh 😀

    Am I the only person who thinks Ana Matronic is pretty hot?

  3. I think she is to, but I have a thing about redheads.

    Steady Matt.

  4. I have a thing about redheads too (but only females, so don’t worry Matt lmao).

  1. 1 Sammy Sullivan

    Kewl site man…

    keep up the good work man…….

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