A Heart Full of Hornets: a music manifesto

Recently there’s been a bit of a buzz on certain influential sites about the new music blog Idolator, part of the Gawker network (that brought us the excellant Lifehacker, Kotaku and the sadly missed Screenhead). The site launched with a far reaching manifesto, claiming to be a site for music nerds by music nerds. All well and good, but days later and what do we have? A blog that spends more time slagging Pitchfork reviews and Zach Braff than actually talking about music itself. Of course a blog solely consisting of dry music reviews would be an uninspiring read, but at the same time can’t they push me in the direction of some new and exciting bands?

With this is mind, (and my mis-guided sense of worth) I decided to write my own manifesto as to why I actually write about it in the first place:

  1. This is for everyone: I’m writing this for everyone, not for other music nerds. I don’t see any point preaching to the converted, although it is nice to have someone back me up once in a while. It’s appreciated.
  2. Underground or overground, it makes no difference: one of the things that pisses me off about music sites is the dividing line between major label and indie laebl. As in, people’s inability to love music that’s made by bands on a major label. That’s called snobbery people, get over it. I’ll talk about any band making good music, whether they’re on an indie or major lable, because in the end it makes no fucking difference.
  3. There are no guilty pleasures: I don’t feel a scrap of guilt or shame about the bands I enjoy listening to. In the end, I cop a fair amount of shit listening to “cool underground” bands more than mainstream bands. And the Blue Nile are a great band, so there.
  4. Stay positive: you may notice I spend most of my time writing about albums I enjoy or downright love. There’s a reason for that, mainly I don’t see the point spending time writing up a post, then you all reading it if all I do is slag something off. Of course there’s crap music out there, but I’d like to think you’re all smart enough to avoid it. All I’m trying to do is prod your in the direction of some interesting stuff.
  5. Tell me what you think: this isn’t a plea for comments (well…. it might be), but leave a comment once in a while. If you agree with me, or not, it’ll help me keep on track.

So that’s it. I know this isn’t solely a music blog, I talk about other inane crap too, but considering how much music content I post I thought it’s be a good idea to let everyone know where I’m coming from. Hope you keep reading and listening.


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