Pixies – Bossanova

PixiesAnybody that knows knows me well, will tell you that I fuckin’ love the Pixes. Their first two albums (Surfer Rosa and Doolittle) are immense. Here’s a true story. I was staying with Nikolai in London a couple of years ago. We were round at his mates’ flat, and we watched an advance copy of Fight Club, which we all enjoyed. We were watching the credits when the Pixies pop up with “Where Is My Mind”, which got everyone’s attention. “What’s that song?” someone said. “It’s the Pixes, I think” I said before reaching into my bag and pulling out a copy of Surfer Rosa that I’d purchased just a few hours earlier. Nikolai just shook his head. I had only bought some Pixies albums because one of their tracks had been used on a Smirnoff advert.

The Pixies’ third album “Bossanova” suffers under the the brilliance of their previous two albums (and the Come On Pilgrim EP). Surfer Rosa and Doolittle were undoubtably classics that put the Pixies at the top of the indie crowd along with Sonic Youth. But Bossanova was their third album in three years, (in their short lifespan, the Pixies recorded 4 albums and 1 EP in 5 years) and by now they were tiring. There’s not the same intensity that the previous albums had. Songs like “Allison” and “Ana” are slight, throwaway songs that hardly stick in the mind and “All Over The World” is an example of why the Pixies should’ve stuck to writing short songs. But it’s not all bad; “Dig For Fire” sounds brilliant with it’s echoing guitar sound; “The Happening” has a lovely mellow ending.

One of the best songs is “Velouria”, with it’s harsh riff and lead theramin sound. It’s a shame the video (see below) was so shit or it could’ve been a big hit, I think. It’s the one song to really recommend the album. It’s difficult though; as a Pixies fan, it’s hard for Bossanova to live up to Surfer Rosa or Doolittle but it’s not a bad album. It’s just not as good as what came before, although there’s no shame in that. A good solid album, but not essential.

The Pixies – Velouria


  1. A bit too spiky for me – at least at work. Coz I’m bloody lazy how’s about you put up a video clip of your fave Pixies song?! Work is cool apart from this odd music restriction. Lots of math which is a nice change from peanut M&Ms.

  2. I’ll look for a suitable clip, specially for you.

  3. “Lots of math…”

    Are you American, Bina?

    Not that keen on the song.

  4. Duh, I just remembered you’re English, but that doesn’t explain why you said math.

  5. Because, for my sins, all the people I hang out with are either American or learned English doing MBAs in America.

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