Blade Runner DVD almost here

 On Monday, the newly remastered version of Blade Runner is going to be released on DVD. Essentially the same DVD that’s been available for years on DVD (which I got for Christmas, cheers Chris), it’s been polished up and given a digital scrubbing over. IGN’s DVD section has a review and some screenshot comparisons, a couple of which I’ve posted here.

 First of all, the original grainy print:

Original Print


And now the spangly new transfer:

 New Print


 So what do you think? As an owner of the original DVD, I have to say the picture quality and print is one of the worst I’ve ever seen on a DVD. I’m really excited about this release, but it’s tempered by the fact that another DVD will be released in 2007 for the film’s 25th anniversary. This set will contain 3 (!) versions of the film and will be backed up by a bucketload of extras. Worth waiting for? Fucking right it is!


  1. John

    Bugger, I was looking forward to finaly seeing this at dvd quality and not some crappy VHS rip. Its been impossible to find it on Dvd for ages now for anything less than £30 for a used copy.

    What is the difference between the 3 versions tho?

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