This makes no sense.

As you know the PS3 has been delayed here in Australia, as well as much of the rest of the country. There’s been some red faces all around, but Sony have tried to talk their way out of this situation. Quote of the day has to go to this guy, Michael Ephraim who is Sony’s chief in Australia. When asked how gamers felt about the delay, he was apologetic until he said this:

“Sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to buy a PS3 this year, but I’m sure it beats lining up in a queue for hours on end only to be told the store has sold out.”

Eh? Sorry you couldn’t buy one this Christmas; but that’s better than not buying one this Christmas. What the fuck!?! This doesn’t make any fucking sense! Not being able to buy one is better than not being able to buy one. I’ve heard some crazy excuses for things before, but this takes the piss.


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