Aereogramme – Seclusion

AereogrammeRecently, I’ve been finding myself listening to a mixture of tracks from all three Aereogramme albums. It’s strange, because I listened to them a lot when I bought them, so why am I returning to these songs now with renewed appreciation for them? It’s difficult to say, usually with me something just clicks and I think “Oh yeah, this song fucking rocks” or words to that effect that don’t make me sound like an American teenager. Aereogramme have been one of my favourite bands for a while, mainly because they do two of the things I love about music, really well. They can write beautifully arranged, tender songs and they can also write riff heavy, screaming songs. Sometimes they put them all together and it’s just brilliant.

Seclusion is the bands thrid album and an odd one too. It’s a mini-album consisting of only six tracks, one of which is a cover and another is an instrumental. If anything this makes Seclusion a great introduction to Aereogramme’s music. Mind you, “The Unravelling” is maybe something that’s a bit to out there for Aereogramme newcommers. It’s a sprawling 11 minute long track, roughly composed of three sections. They range from the dark guitar parts, to delicate string sections. I’ve got a nagging feeling that the track could have maybe been cut into 2 or 3 different songs, but hey it does flow pretty well and there’s plenty of high points during the song. It never feels like actually lasting 11 minutes which is a good thing. “Dreams and Bridges” is a goth-esque track, the strings in the middle give you some hope before the guitars come screaming back in. “Alternate Score” is a filmic instrucmental track that’s been composed to be heard in conjuctions with the multimedia clips that are on the CD, and as a result it doesn’t stand up well as a song on it own.

But the high points far outweigh the negative stuff. “Lightning Strikes The Postmans” takes the psychadelic oddness of the Flaming Lips original version and makes it into a bass heavy monster. “I Don’t Need Your Love” is a tender, shimmering ballad. My favourite track is “Inkwell” with it massive drum sound and swooning middle section. It’s just amazing. Overall Seclusion is a patchy album, but the better tracks more than make up for the weaker tracks.

Aereogramme – Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement (not off this album, but a great song nonetheless)


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