Proof that Hollywood hates us all

(Both via Destructiod today)

Halo movie “postponed”

Sequel to Street Fighter II announced

If anyone can offer a good explanation why this has happened, I’d love to hear it.


  1. John

    I actually bought Street Fighter on DVD the other week because I thought ‘It cant be that bad and it is only £1…’

    I still feel fucking robbed and ashamed to have it in my collection. Might have to take it outside and set it on fire.

  2. There’s no justice! They often show the shit films at the UCI (now Empire) instead of the decent ones. You want an explanation? 99% of people are idiots! 😦

  3. John: take some photos and I’ll post them here!

    The real tragedy is SF2 was top-thesp, Raul Julia’s last flick. Poor bastard.

  4. Stoogy’s right, that crappy Empire in Clydebank shows all the SHIT!!!!!!!
    That’s cos the majority of Bankies are brain dead mutants and will watch anything.
    Why a sequel to SF2? Please God NO!!It will suck! Although Craig bought No Retreat No Surrender a few weeks back, pure cheddar but it was amusing! Is JCVD gonna be in this one?

  5. No Retreat, No Surrender is quality! lol JCVD as the baddie, how often does that happen?

  6. Stoogie, have you been watching flicks with Matt again? I thought you’d learned your lesson, obviously not.

    Diane, what’s Craig doing buying crap like that?!?

  7. I just remember a friend of mine in England watching NRNS a lot & it is entertainingly cheesy & naff. It’s much more watchable than a lot of JCVD’s other movies (I know that’s not saying much)! I haven’t actually seen it for a long, long time.

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