Oh oh!

After a bit of random Google wanking, I was of course happy to see the phrase “A Heart Full Of Hornets” come up with this blog. However, coming up in second place was a link to the Rogers Sister’s site and specifically, my post on their album (my usual crap spelling included). Eeek! It’s one thing to write about music when you know that only about 3 or 4 people are reading it (and maybe one is taking some of it in), but it’s another to have it on a band’s website.

Shit I better tidy up my act. In my defence, I should point out that I have a beard and as such, am not to be taken seriously.


  1. Google wanking? Anything to do with cybersex? lol

    “In my defence, I should point out that I have a beard and as such, am not to be taken seriously.”

    I’ve never taken you seriously, with or without the beard 😉 I think I’ll try using that defence myself in the future lmao

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