Weekend update

Well my usual PC woes have come back to bite me in the ass. Windows has done a full tits-up on me and is needing a complete re-install. Brilliant. The good thing is, I managed to foresee all of this and I’ve had my documents, music and other files stored on a separate hard drive. Hopefully, once I re-install I should be back in business. Mind you, I’ve got my new 80 GB i-pod to keep me company. Talking of music, one of my favourite artists Buck 65 has released a download only EP that you can get from his website. Just go to the Show and Tell page to get 5 quality tracks.

In the meantime I’m going to help Anna out at work by washing dishes for most of tomorrow. Work’s going to be busy, as it’s the start of December this week coming up meaning a shitload of work for everyone to do. Plus, some bright spark has decided that the Christmas party will be on Friday night despite the fact that most of our department will probably leave work sometime after 9pm and miss most of the fucking thing. That’s also when we get to see the department’s goof tape skit, and watch lots of staff act badly. Should be worth a chuckle.

Anna and I also put down the deposit for a house this week.


Don’t get me wrong, the idea of having a brand new house that is our own is very appealing. We’re actually putting down a deposit on the land, the house isn’t built. The north part of Canberra  is being developed quite quickly, so there’s lots of land going fairly cheaply and the chance to have a house built from the ground up is quite exciting. We can be involved in the building process and since the properties are “being built to rent”, things like landscaping, painting and laying floor coverings are all included. If we want some nicer tiles, we just say what we want and pay a little extra. The thing is the next few years are going to be a financial struggle, unless Anna and I get paid more. I should be past my probationary period in another 2 months so hopefully I’ll get a wage increase. Work isn’t going too badly, Christmas is going to be a mad rush but I’d expect that. The people are nice; earlier in the week one of my co-workers, a 30+ pregnant Chinese woman, said she could drink me under the table.



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