Viva World Cup

Viva World CupI used to be fascinated with small countries. I think it stems from getting an atlas at Christmas and thinking “San Marino; what the fuck is the point of that?” But anyway, I read recently about the VIVA World Cup, a competition where some of the “countries” not affiliated with FIFA could compete. Now the reason “countries” is in apostrophies is because there is some doubt to the legal status of these regions, as most aren’t recognised by any government. Some of these are obvious, like Chechneya, Tibet, Greenland or the Basque region. None of these big hitters were avialable for the tournament, which was held in Occitinia (unofficial region in the south of France) in November last year.

In the end the tournament was won by Sápmi (more commonly known as Lapland) after they defeated Monaco 21 – 1 in the final. I think the Monaco coach obviously made a blunder by not adopting a more defensive approach after the 14th goal. Anyways, it just made me think about sovereignty and how people want a place to belong. After the break up of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, you have to wonder if people’s lives got much better after they had a border and a flag of their own? It’s been playing on my mind a little, as I’ve been filling in forms to apply for my visa here in Australia. They’re fucking complicated, but then again I suppose they have to be. But will getting citizenship make me “less-Scottish”? I suppose I’ll still have the low self-esteem, high cholesteral and other Scottish traits that have been bred into me, but I suppose over time I’ll become more “dinkum”. Still won’t like fuckin’ cricket though.


  1. Lapland actually spans parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland & Russia. I wonder how they put the team together.

    By the way, will I need a visa when I come over for the wedding?

  2. John

    “I’ll become more “dinkum””

    What in the hell is Dinkum? … Next thing you know you’ll be calling Wellies gum boots and talking about drop bears.

  3. “Dinkum” means genuine or something like that. Being a standup bloke basically.

    Stoogy, you’ll need a holiday visa but they’re pretty easy to obtain.

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