Madvillian – Madvilliany

MadvillianI’m sometimes amazed at how productive some musicians can be. Yer average skinny indie band can only manage one album every 2 or 3 years, sometimes even longer. All the while, plenty of underground artists like Billy Childish are pumping out albums every 6 months or so. It’s nothing new, James Brown used to just pump out classic after classic for years. Nowadays, there’s a huge touring schedule, marketing and everything that needs military-esque planning just to even put into effect. Right now, someone that’s just pumping out music if MF Doom, a metal maked rapper who’s been realeasing material since the early 90’s under the guise of Zev Love X and Viktor Vaunghn. In the last 8 years under the guise of MF (metal face) Doom, he’s released 5 albums, plus 5 volumes of his instrumental Special Blend of Herbs and Spices compilations. Recently he also collaborated with Danger Mouse on his Dangerdoom album but in 2004, Doom collaborated with underground beat maker Madlib for the excellant Madvilliany.

The collaboration was highly anticipated, coupling Doom’s offbeat lyricaly delivery with Madlib’s unorthodox beats. The sampled beat are heavy and laden with bass, (weed-soaked was one phrase used) espcecially in a track like “America’s Most Blunted”. The 22 tracks are mostly short and to the point, most are under two minutes and Doom attacks each of them with plenty of vigour. “Great Day Today” has a swarming bass line all over and a jumpy beat, “Strange Ways” sounds as if it’s on vinyl that’s threatening to break at any point.

Best two tracks are “All Caps” (“Just remember all caps/when you spell the mad name”) and the slightly wonky, minimal “Accordion” (“slip like Freudian/your first and last step to playing yourself like accordion”). Madvilliany probably isn’t like any hip-hop album you’ve heard in a while, if ever. Some retro samples, heavily distorted means the whole thing sounds like it could have been made any time in the last 20 years. Doom’s lyrics are funny, but have plenty of bite. It’s also worth checking out any of Doom’s other work as this is just a small sample of what he’s come up with.



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